How Much Does it Cost to Create a Will?

Are your wondering how much does it cost to create a will? Creating a will to protect your family and your assets doesn’t have to break the bank. Willingness offers affordable, quick and easy online Wills for Australians who want peace of mind.

The Essentials – Cost $149

    • Make your final wishes known
    • Decide how you want your estate distributed
    • Name your personal representative and beneficiaries
    • Choose guardians for your children and plan for their inheritance
    • Plan includes your Last Will and Testament

Couples – Cost $229

    • Essentials &
    • Create mirror wills for you and your partner
    • Plan includes wills for you and your partner

How much does it cost to create a Will? A fraction of the normal costs when creating an online Will with Willingness. Creating a will has never been easier with Willingness’ easy online Will kit. Get started today. For more great information on Wills be sure to check out other articles in the Willingness Learn Centre or follow us on our social media pages on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

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